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Welcome to This site is still under development, please return later.

By later, I likely mean after the zombie apocalypse has fallen upon us. From the burned out husk of a building in the picturesque New York City, covered in vines and foliage from the long years of decay, I shall sit. Between glancing out over the green landscape and small rivers running between the buildings I shall sit in front of a 1950's era terminal, connected to what is left of the internet, completing this web-site.

Once the website is completed, it shall serve as a beacon of hope for the remaining humans, using the latest in food and water over IP technology being developed here. With this technology completed, I shall then start the process of collecting the few among us capable and willing to start the process of bringing an end to the zombie apocalypse.

I'm not saying bringing humanity back will be easy. I'm not saying that bringing humanity back will be fast. I'm saying that it can be done. For generations the resistance under the banner of will hunt through long abandoned underground temples, evading devious traps, to find the keys required to piece history together and use it to make a bridge to the future.

Contact me via Bitmessage: BM-GtQds5qfF3qhpjtNjeTiue59g8rYEZUP